Relief for Lower Back Pain (11)

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Relief from back pain comes when you identify the correct causes of pain in the body.

Pain is always a signal that something, somewhere isn’t quite right! The secret lies in finding out exactly what isn’t right! Back pain is on the rise globally as more people struggle with chronic pain in our societies.

In fact, back pain symptoms have become epidemic in some western countries including the US and Europe. You only have to read pain forums, blogs, twitter and newsletters to see what is happening. Also if you watch at shopping malls look at the number of people ‘struck’ down with chronic illnesses affecting their mobility and which relate to their spines and postures!

What a lot of people tend to forget though is that pain itself is not a disease. It’s just a symptom of a dis -ease somewhere in the body or mind.

For example, when you have a cold and your nose runs you don’t just treat the runny nose! No, you try to get to the root cause of the cold, the virus or the bacteria behind it.

Treating a runny nose on its own would be pointless, the runny nose is just the symptom of what’s wrong.

Long term relief from most back pain begins when we accept this fact and start digging for the real root cause of pain. I know that many people, myself included, have ‘horrifying’ results from their back MRI scans such as deterioration, curvature, a rupture, disc bulges and general dessication of the vertebrae AND a spinal cyst.


I’m not in pain!

Not anymore and my back is still the same as it was on the scan!!

I found back pain relief in an easy, inexpensive, natural and self healing cure. It’s a chronic pain cure that works!

One of the reasons I’ve spent so long writing the cure that I used down (called “Beat Chronic Pain Now!” Volumes one and two) is to give other sufferers back pain relief that works long term. For this, you need the understanding and knowledge behind the cure and the exercises to carry out the simple cure program itself.

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