Medical back pain solutions and treatment for sciatica seemed far from me as I visited the local hospital’s pain clinic in July.

I was told to be prepared to accept the chronic pain for the rest of my life. This upset me of course but I had made the decision previously that I was going to beat the pain myself and stop relying on the medical profession to ‘fix’ me as it wasn’t working.

Back pain solutions and treatment for sciatica options had meant for me, a series of dead ends and thwarted hopes not to mention whole list of expenses!

However I continued to press on with my research into back pain solutions and what worked for me and what didn’t work. This was the criteria I was using at the time as so much advice amounted to so many false positives. The internet is literally saturated with back pain information but after a while it becomes duplicated and you ‘switch off’.

This is probably a good thing as the more you read the more you think your back is weak and injured. This often leads to feelings of hopelessness that you will ever find the back pain solutions or the treatment for sciatica that you desire!

As part of my research I started questioning everything I’d been told, the diagnoses, the contradictory information about my spinal problems everything. This was because previous back pain solutions and sciatic pain relief treatments had made my pain worse and increased my frustration and stress.

I can’t recall the source at the time (in 2009) but one survey stated that just over 50% of chronic back pain sufferers felt depressed! I think the realistic figure would be 97% as this isn’t a Pollyanna dilemma it’s an ordeal that affects every part of your life negatively, or it did for me.

Back pain solutions in the form of  exercises which sounded absolutely brilliant in the ads didn’t help me either, I later realised that many so called ‘reviews’ of these are people who get sales commisions from the product, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad in that. However how many of these people have really ‘needed’ to find real back pain solutions and treatment for sciatica that works long term or at least need to get short term relief?

I was at a dead end for workable back pain solutions although LED light therapy, infrared red light therapy and gravity inversion scientifically can boost inner circulation which brings more oxygen to affected nerves and muscles in the spine which is only a good thing and can give short term relief which is a Godsend to any sufferer.

Ice packs and heat packs just seemed to aggravate my symptoms though I forced myself to use them at times. Muscle rubs and gels left me high and dry.

I even considered injections of ADULT stem cells at that point (not embryonic of course as embryos are real humans albeit kept in test tubes which is another topic but seriously worrying). However it wasn’t available near me and it was way too expensive and risky as well.

I really needed a long term lasting cure and to rid myself of the fear of re injuring my back in the future which kept me awake at night. I was therefore in the back pain doldrums BUT I was blatantly ignoring a mindbody medicine theory by John Sarno initially and then I dug into the whole area that I thought was too difficult for me to put into practice and maybe didn’t apply to me.

This theory however turned out to be the Rolls Royce of back pain solutions, I’m so glad I used it to inspire me in my efforts for a long term cure!

This cure was, for me, the ‘light at the end of my pain tunnel’.

It’s called the tension myositis syndrome theory.

I’ll explain it in more detail in the next post and how this theory and the inspiration behind it finally helped me to find back pain solutions and treatment for sciatica that was 100% natural…

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