Lower back pain and leg pain, my story continued…

Lower back pain and leg pain seemed to be the story of my life in January 2009 as I went into hospital for steroid injections into my facet joints. My facet joints, I had been told were now the cause of my lower back pain (as opposed to my previously herniated spinal discs).

I was told that the steroid injections into my facet joints would ‘free’ up my muscles and mainly have a pain relieving effect on the area (to give it a chance to heal) after the back pain surgery.

However, after the anaesthetic had worn off it was clear that my lower back pain and leg pain was still very much there!

There wasn’t any effect on my pain or flexibility, it was still the same intensity and painkillers weren’t really touching it.

Despite having read Dr John Sarno’s tension myositis pain theory back in December 2008, the concepts he had outlined in the cure theory hadn’t sunk into my mind about the real root causes of my pain. Basically I didn’t understand it or my mind was closed it was either or both of those explanations. But one day the penny would drop or so I thought and I persevered reading and researching the pain theory.

At that time I also felt confused about the different and varying medical diagnoses I was receiving to explain my awful pain!

Why did I suddenly have a facet joint problem when my surgery and pain initially revolved around a ruptured disc and I still had two herniated discs that weren’t operated on. During the steorid injections the consultant said it might be a good idea to stop all the ‘stretching’ exercises I was doing to strengthen my core muscles and posture as I had been told to do by the physiotherapist. These were actually making the pain worse! I was relieved when he said this as it had been really aggravating my pain and making me completely focused on my back and the pain which, as Dr Sarno says isn’t a good thing for a long term cure!

In hindsight by failing to improve my pain through exercises and through my visits to a highly recommended chiropractor I was becoming more and more convinced that something was ‘horribly wrong’ with my back.

In a ‘light bulb moment’  I realised something else must be going on in my back and in fact, Dr John Sarno’s theory just might hold the answer I was looking for!

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