Back Pain Remedies-Your Cure In Their Hands?

Back surgery is fast becoming one of the most popular back pain remedies in modern medicine. In this post I consider if it’s effective long term.

Even back 1990’s a US study compared rates of back pain surgery in eleven developed’ countries to see if back surgery rates were higher in the US than anywhere else. The results were startling  the study discovered that the rate of back pain surgery in the United States was at least 40% higher than in the other developed countries.

In fact, this study discovered that if you lived in the United States you were five times more likely to have back surgery than if you lived in the UK for example that was way back in the 90’s and I am sure the UK has caught up a lot on those totals by now.

The study also found that back pain surgery increased directly with the per capita availability of orthopaedic and neurosurgeons available in the area of operations. Hence where there were more surgeons to do the operations, there were more operations even taking into account people travelling to the surgeons from other places.

Is this just a coincidence or is there something else at work such as money and big business

Back pain surgery is seen even now as one of those back pain remedies that’s left till the last after no other treatments have worked or used in emergency situatons.

I’ve had it thought and I wouldn’t go through it again for all the tea in China!

My back surgery didn’t relieve my pain and in fact it made it worse. There are some sufferers though and I know three who have received lower back surgery and it has helped them BUT only on a short term basis within a year they were in pain again!

Again, ten years ago, in 2001  Hubert L. Rosomoff  M.D. called for a ‘stop’ on back pain surgeries when he realised that, if he started his patients on an intensive pre-surgical rehabilitation programme, in the majority of cases they didn’t need back surgery after two weeks. Dr Rosomoff said at the time, ‘Following this kind of concept you can eliminate 99 percent of the surgical cases. In fact, the incidence of surgery if one really looks at this appropriately is really one in 500.’I’m sure you’ll agree that one in five hundred is nowhere near the current rates and waiting lists for back surgery these days.

Dr Rosomoff said, ‘Backs don’t fail. Doctors do’ these are telling words from a Doctor!

(Dr Rosomoff was been speaking at a “failed back syndrome,” session during the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) 17th annual meeting in Miami Beach, Florida, February 2001.)

Dr Rosomoff also said that the source of the pain in most cases was not from the spine itself but rather ‘from the muscles, tendons and ligaments’ that support the spine.

This supports the tension myositis theory of John Sarno which relates to oxygen deprivation pain (see earlier posts) in the spine affecting the muscles, nerves and tendons to the side of the back.

During the long term cure process relief can be obtained from acute pain though.

I give certain back pain remedies here which may be bring just temporary relief. You can use diet, inversion or circulation aids.

(For Dr Rosomoff’s full article click here:


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