Are The Best Mattresses For Back Pain Latex Mattresses?

When you wake up in the morning feeling well rested and ready to face and handle the challenges of the day ahead you know your mattress is doing its job.

Conversely, if you sleep on an old or sagging mattress the bad effects of a bad night’s sleep can spill over into your daily life. You’ll feel tired and irritable; you may find it harder to concentrate on work or find it harder to get along with your spouse or loved ones.

In this post I’ll be discussing how you can find the best mattress to ease or even alleviate your back pain and sciatica for good so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed each morning. Consider the money you’ll be spending on a mattress as an investment, an investment in yourself and your health and well being.

As we spend a third of our lives asleep it’s important to have not only the right sleeping environment but also the right mattress to sleep on finding the best mattress for back pain or sciatica.

First of all, when you’re buying a mattress, make sure the new mattress has at least a ten year warranty with it, which is the industry standard.

Latex Mattresses as Filling

Latex is by far the most superior filling to look for in a high quality mattress. The sprung pockets in latex mattresses provide excellent support for the back, hips and shoulders. These 3 trigger points sink into the mattress as you sleep.

The hips, shoulders and lower back therefore all need a firmer support because they’re supporting the body’s weight as you sleep.

Latex mattresses are great for offering this support plus pincore holes are punctuated throughout latex mattress that are targeted at specific weight points in the body and in the spine ensuring the support is evenly distributed. This means that as the person is sleeping the body doesn’t slump to one side and put more pressure on one side than on the other.

Balance is also important as we sleep because it keeps strain on the muscles and tendons at bay as well as the spinal discs have less pressure placed on them.

There are also the less expensive synthetic latex mattresses on the market at the moment. They are firm and durable but can contain chemicals which could be troublesome especially if you have respiratory conditions or breathing problems.

I personally use a latex orthopedic mattress specifically built for those with back pain and sciatica.

The lower back area of the mattress is firm and after three years use it’s still as good as new!

It’s well worth investing in your health even if it’s as a preventative to stop or avoid back pain in the future.

Even children need a decent mattress which can make all the difference in their exam grades and attainment levels at school. A child’s posture as they grow can be seriously affected by their mattress quality and how well their spine is supported as they sleep.Investing in a good quality latex mattress which offers a good combination of firm and medium support coupled with bounciness and comfort is therefore the best option.

Your body will thank you in the mornings for taking the time to research and buy the best mattress for back pain that you can afford!



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