Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment (25j)

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Chronic fatigue syndrome can be seen as equivalent to chronic pain syndromes because the root ’cause’ of the dis-ease in the body is the same.. Read on to find out more…

And the reason for the fatigue, tiredness and the pain? It’s all based around oxygen deprivation to muscles and nerves which in turn, is triggered by the brain through the nervous system. That’s the real root cause in a nutshell. Explaining and understanding why this is so takes longer to understand…

Lack of oxygen causes fatigue, drowsiness and the heaviness associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. If often feels as though you’re walking through mud and you need to lie down and sleep but you wake up and don’t feel rested (if you’re on strong meds this could be due to the painkillers which interfere with sleep pattern brain waves).

If you suffer from back pain and sciatica, the oxygen deprivation is targeting your lower spine and sciatic nerve instead causing severe cramps and/or a feeling of deadness.

What is the reason for this?

Briefly, life’s traumas, disappointments, bereavements, separations and post traumatic stress disorder inducing circumstances, added to the daily build up of negative emotions from our normally busy and hectic lives, mean that there’s an accumulation of toxic emotions in the unconscious mind. These can threaten to ‘come out’ and the brain sees this as a ‘threat’ to our social survival so it invents a ‘trigger’, often pain or intense sleepiness, that causes the person to become so consumed with pain and/or fatigue they can’t focus on their negative emotions which are about to be unleashed.

When the emotional overload reaches a critical level in the unconscious mind, a critical mass, you can say, a severe pain syndrome or severe fatigue can be triggered in the body by the brain as a self defence mechanism which is better than exploding emotionally and risking social angst- or so your brain thinks!

In its more severe form, the person feels almost incapacitated and the pain and fatigue spread throughout the body as fibromyalgia.

But there IS hope for sufferers! But it is possible to break free from the following, if you have this syndrome, Tension Myositis Syndrome:

  • lower back pain
  • sciatica
  • chronic pain and
  • exhaustion

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