Chronic Pain (Part 23)

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Knowing where to find the real root cause for chronic pain is half the battle in finding a solution that will work long term…

It’s no secret that chronic pain sufferers are overwhelmed with information online all claiming to heal their pain problems.

Some information is free. Other info is expensive. But does this information work and is it effective long term?

Yes, light therapy, inversion therapy can make a real difference to chronic pain and bring needed lower back pain relief. So too, back massagers, back supports and cushions can also help to relieve pain. But many of these are short term fixes only.

There is a 100% natural way which is often overlooked as far as back pain and sciatica cures are concerned.

This method uses one of the most powerful we’ve been given, the gift of the imagination!

The imagination can be used for good or for ill it’s our choice and it’s a gift that can be used to treat chronic pain if you know how. The imagination works to instruct the body to do things, we can imagine feeling warm inside and soon our body responds. Studies have shown that people who imagine they have done an intense workout at the gym actually do lose weight and increase their metabolism!

It follows then that if we can imagine ‘letting go’ of our pain then the body can soon catch up!

To understand more, research Dr John Sarno, TMS cure.

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