Chronic Pain Treatment (25a)

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Finding lower back pain remedies that work can be like looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

In this first of a two part article, I’ll be discussing lower back pain remedies and treatments that work as info for sufferers.

When pain strikes a common coping mechanism that kicks in is that sufferers begin to obsess over the pain, over what’s caused it and over how to fix it.

It’s a normal and natural thing to seek lower back pain remedies and sciatica remedies too.

Fear of re injuring, hurting yourself or making yourself worse is also a common mechanism that kicks in and adds to the stresses and strains of being ill. It’s no picnic.


what if I was to tell you that these coping mechanisms are actually counter productive?

By obsessing over the pain etc the focus of attention is distracted from other feelings in life and this can prolong the pain. Read on to find out why…

If you consider the brilliant and inspirational pain theory called tension myositis syndrome:

(tension (refers to a particular type of inner, unfelt tension) and myositis (refers to muscles) and syndrome (refers the various areas this pain disorder can manifest in).

then you’ll discover the argument that focusing on the pain prolongs it and makes it worse in the end, it can block long term healing.

Pain is triggered, the tension myositis theory explains, because of PRESSURE the sufferer is under.

Pressures at work or at home, the pressures society puts on us and more importantly, the pressures we put on ourselves (especially if we’re perfectionists and push ourselves a lot) to fit in, to be beautiful and to be successful.

Once you know the theory behind these pressures and WHY they trigger pain syndromes in the body (the back is a favoured place) then,  lower back pain remedies that work can be applied!

When I first discovered this theory, I knew instinctively that I had found THE simplest and also the cheapest chronic pain cure out there at the moment! I just needed persistence in understanding it and then figuring out how to put it into practice!

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