Tension Myositis Syndrome & Dr John Sarno (25d)

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Tension myositis syndrome pain theory, by Dr John Sarno in a nutshell…

Today, I thought I’d do a brief post on Dr John Sarno and the Tension Myositis Syndrome.

In many ways, this inspirational chronic pain syndrome theory and relevant mind body research when studied, understood and applied works long term…

Dr John Sarno through his tension myositis syndrome theory has inspired a global pain cure for thousands!

Dr John Sarno was one of the first Doctors, I believe, to document and go all out to solve lower back pain sufferers with tension myositis syndrome knowledge.

He THOUGHT OUTSIDE THE BOX of conventional medical opinion and I believe that those who wish to get better long term from their chronic pain syndrome need to think outside the box also with regard to a cure.

If those who are suffering keep ‘babying’ their backs, even when lower back pain treatment or sciatica treatment options aren’t working the pain distraction strategy triggered by the brain won’t be overcome!

Many people can feel skeptical over the tension myositis cure, I was at first. It took me a few months in fact to get my head around it but I was glad I made the effort!

You would be doing yourself a great favour by reading one of Dr John Sarno’s books first such as “The Mindbody Prescription”.

If you go to Amazon and read the reviews of this book, left by grateful readers, it will open your mind to the dynamite tension myositis syndrome theory he has uncovered!

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