Does Infrared Light Therapy Work for Back Pain?

Let’s look at the reasons why infrared light therapy works for back pain…

1) Infrared Light Therapy-The History

Infrared light therapy has come a long way since the 1960’s when research began (in earnest) on light therapy for pain relief. In the early days it was discovered that whatever colour on the light spectrum was used (blue, green, red) beneficial effects were noted in the body, this was because light penetrates easily through the skin into muscles and tissues underneath.

As research progressed however, the ‘red’ end of the light spectrum was found to be the best for increased healing and blood and cellular stimulation.It was found that red light wavelengths (630 to 700 nm) penetrated deeper into human tissue than ordinary light and that red infrared wavelengths (800 to 1000nm) penetrated even deeper.

Infrared therapy is therefore the most effective light therapy.

Hence, the best light therapy is infrared light therapy that emits heating, thermal infrared waves.

Such infrared waves are perfectly safe (infrared light is so gentle that it’s used in incubators for babies) and also very powerful to reach down through the skin into the muscles, tendons or nerves to relax them.


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