Infrared Light Therapy-Pads, Cushions and Mattresses

Light therapy lamps are a great tool for pain relief but also cushions, pads or heated mattresses can be excellent alternatives.

Rather than shining an infrared lamp onto the spine or other painful area you can just ‘sit it out’ and relax on a cushion, pad or infrared ‘mattress’.

These are all excellent ways to heat up muscles from the ‘inside out’ as opposed to other therapies which try to soothe muscles and nerves from the ‘outside in’.

When the muscles and nerves are heated up through infrared waves, the blood vessels open and dilate and nerve spasms decrease as blood circulation is increased. Also, the build up of waste products (from cellular anaerobic respiration during oxygen deprivation cramps) is carried away more efficiently.

On top of pain relief, infrared light therapy also boosts mood and energy by increasing circulation and oxygen to the brain and nervous system.


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