If you’re suffering from depression/tiredness/pain, a light box may be all that you need.

If you’re feeling;

  • tired/worn out
  • listless/exhausted
  • depressed/overwhelmed
  • unable to focus
  • stuck in a rut
  • powerless/drained or
  • discouraged

then this article is just for you… read on to find out more…

What are the benefits of Light Boxes/SAD Lamps?

1) Light boxes stimulate energy in the body and mind

For chronic fatigue, chronic pain and fibromyalgia sufferers this is of great importance.

Studies have shown that regular use of light boxes stimulate an increase in the production of ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) in cells.

ATP is an important energy source that cells need for optimal metabolic functioning. When cells have energy they function better. Studies have also shown that when production of ATP increases, cells receive nutrients at a faster rate as well.

2) Light boxes alleviate SAD and depressive symptoms

Perhaps one of the most documented uses of light boxes is their use for the treatment of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and depressive symptoms.

SAD is a disorder which is a form of depression triggered by a lack of sunlight during the winter months.Light boxes have become a useful tool to treat SAD depressive symptoms whether the sun’s shining or not!

Research has discovered that light therapy (particularly blue light) has a calming and mood elevating effect on the mind after just 30 minutes use a day.

A good quality sad lamp will increase the production of  the ‘feel good’ chemical endorphins in the brain which spread through the rest of the body invigorating and energising the nervous system.

Endorphins have also been clinically proven to relieve pain as well as improve mood and shift depression because they’re the body’s natural pain killers.

Through the use of too many painkillers we often ‘smother’ our natural endorphin painkillers which is a shame as these are free, natural and harmless!

3) Light Boxes and Healing

Trials have found that a pulsing LED light interacts with soft tissues in the body and also speeds up their healing process. This is because the light wavelengths pulsing resonate with the human body. For wounds or tissue healing, if there’s a pulse function on your product, most high quality products come supplied with this function, don’t be afraid to use it.

Light therapy means a continuous steam of high lux light (10 o00 or over) also helps sedate and relax muscles and nerves which, in turn, help to ease pain.

4) Light Boxes and Improving Circulation

Light therapy can be used to improve the body’s overall circulation.

How you do this is to shine the light box on the belly button for 20 minutes a day. The main artery, just behind the belly button, will be treated to light and every drop of blood in the body will be stimulated and energised during that 20 mins! Blood circulation will improve as a consequence.

Conclusion and Safety

Light boxes are safe to use, in fact, you can’t ‘over do’ your exposure to light boxes. This is because the metabolic processes in cells shut down when they’ve received enough light to function optimally and so even if the light box is over the recommended 10 000 lux cells are able to close off at any time.

With laser light however, cells can’t shut down and the light can be too prolonged and intense causing damage, hence the need for professional laser light administration to patients.

Light box therapy is 100% natural and safe. It’s just nature’s way for cells to be healed or treated.


(It is advised however, that sufferers on medication which can make  people light sensitive, those with eye problems, very high blood pressure or those in any doubt whatsoever  should consult their doctor before using any form of light therapy.)

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