Infrared Healing Lamps for Lower Back Pain Relief

The Benefits of Infrared Healing Lamps-these include:

1) Increase in blood flow to the painful area treated area e.g. lower back

For oxygen deprivation, shining infrared waves on to the bottom of the spine can be an excellent and natural form of pain relief. Infrared waves on the spine increase blood circulation  (in studies the infrared increase was found to be 4000x faster than normal light healing lamps).

If  muscles and nerves, especially in the back are deprived of oxygen through poor circulation they go into painful spasms resulting in severe cramps together with nerve numbness, tingling, pins and needles or loss of sensation (the root origin of why this occurs can be found in the story on this blog lower back pain relief blog-part 1).

Infrared waves easily penetrate into muscles and nerves which help the blood capillaries to open up and dilate which increases blood flow. When the muscles and nerves have more blood flowing to them, cramps ease off and therefore the pain lessens.

Muscles continue to relax and normal nerve transmissions resume.

These beneficial effects have been proven in many light therapy scientific studies.

2) Waste products are eliminated more efficiently

As well as increased blood circulation, the elimination of waste products is also speeded up through infrared waves.

The lactic acid and other waste products built up in the muscles through a lack of circulation drain away more easily.

Research has also shown that lymph vessels and lymph drainage doubled through the use of high quality infrared light therapy to the targeted area.

3) Cells Rejuvenate

Infrared healing lamps also help to rejuvenate cells, stimulate relaxation and speed up healing processes in the body in general.

Regular use of a healing lamp on the spine therefore can relax muscle knots and spasms and ease sciatic nerve pain, increasing blood flow and oxygen to painful areas and rejuvenating damaged or injured areas.

(Note-Before embarking on any light therapy or any lower back pain relief method it’s advised to consult with a medical professional about your condition. Sufferers with skin allergies, eye problems or that are on medications may find that light therapy or infrared light may cause an adverse reaction. If you are in any doubt whatsoever consult a suitably qualified medical practitioner before using any type of light or heat therapy.)

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