Low Back Pain Treatment (25g)

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So, if you have low back pain, your symptoms may include:

  • muscle spasms and knots
  • nerve contractions
  • tendon pain
  • loss of flexibility
  • pins and needles in the leg
  • severe cramps
  • loss of reflex in the leg

But did you know that you can waste a lot of time and money looking for low back pain treatments that work?

In my lower back pain relief  mission statement, I explain why I started this blog.

The site has grown and grown and helped many other back pain and sciatica sufferers over the years it’s been online. I’m very proud of this accomplishment .

When I first became chronically ill, I was frustrated at the duplicate advice I found on the web for lower back pain relief and sciatica.

In my experience the advice was either expensive or ineffective, despite ‘hyped up’ promises of back pain relief or cures!

I found precious little on tension myositis syndrome and mind body medicine also. I think in the past few years this has improved though.

Regarding the back pain relief products I review or discuss on this Site, I have highlighted the best, most effective ones on this blog.I’ve also given priority to 100% natural treatment options.

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