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  • Finding pain in lower left back and sciatica relief that works is possible only if you know where to look. It’s just finding the right place!
  • I can tell you that a cure exists for the majority of back pain and sciatica sufferers and this cure process and the reasons why it works are explained in great detail on this blog.
  • Did you know that back pain is often a common symptom of Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS)?

  • This is a syndrome discovered by Dr John Sarno over forty years ago and it refers to an individuals slow decline into more and more fatigue and chronic pain conditions in their bodies.Tension Myositis Syndrome symptoms range from numbness to muscle spasms to intense pain and all adversely affect everyday health.
  • In fact, thousands of pain sufferers across the globe have been cured with this pain treatment cure and it’s tried, tested and true! It worked on me even though NOTHING else worked and believe me, I’m very persistent and I tried everything to cure my chronic pain in the back and leg.
  • In my previous post (part one low back pain relief) I discussed how I researched and dug deep to discover ways to relieve my lower back pain and sciatica even going so far as to have back surgery on my herniated discs.
  • During my research I thought that the vast maze of information available to back pain sufferers on the internet can be a double edged sword. As you have probably discovered to your cost, each site has its own ‘take’ on the pain and how best to cure and manage it and this information often comes at a price.
  • Some common treatments I came across included: physiotherapy, chiropracters, postural corrections and exercises, Feldenkrais and Alexander technique methods and also the more traditional bed rest, hot water bottles and the use of ice and heat packs.
  • Steroid injections into the spine (lots more chemicals to add to the painkillers being taken each day!) and the ‘final step’ of lower left back pain surgery are becoming more and more common in the treatment of this condition.
  • But at the end of it all I learnt one thing.
  • That you need to begin with the CORRECT DIAGNOSIS, the real cause of the pain before it can be stopped and treated fairly.

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