This lower back pain relief blog is dedicated most of all to helping sufferings from lower back pain and severe sciatica pain find relief.

It focuses inherently on the pain theory of Tension Myositis Syndrome.

I have recently unearthed many of my notes on ‘anger’ the emotion that’s often hidden and at the root cause of the paralysing pain so many people endure on a daily basis. Hard to believe but it’s true.

What Does Anger Feel Like?

Anger actually comes in many shapes and forms. When you peruse the list of  feelings below you may be surprised at the depth and breadth of this emotion.

Many people may be mature in years but not emotionally. We simply cannot register that some of the emotions we feel regularly are, in fact, derivatives of anger.

Also, we live in a pleasure seeking culture. If we do feel unpleasant sensations of anger, especially if we’re women, we soon learn to push the feelings straight down and pretend they don’t even exist!

In the end, women become awfully good at doing this as anger isn’t very feminine or attractive.

However once emotions are pushed down and forgotten they do not disappear of themselves and they remain hidden and buried in the vast and timeless unconscious mind. This is what Dr Sarno is continually saying…

To help your understanding of anger, which is a very natural emotion, here’s a list of the main anger derivatives;


  • resistant to things
  • rebellious against things
  • stubborn
  • defiant
  • bitter
  • resentful
  • spiteful
  • malicious
  • cold and icy towards others
  • abrasive
  • vengeful
  • grudging
  • mean
  • hatred
  • loathing (including self loathing)
  • argumentative
  • quarrelsome
  • envious
  • jealous
  • irritable
  • annoyed
  • revolted
  • disgusted
  • impatient
  • frustrated
  • rude
  • demanding
  • defensive
  • defiant
  • furious
  • livid
  • outraged
  • indignant

In fact, anger is a common and a natural emotion which occurs when we are hurt or experience loss of some sort during our lives and in fact, during every moment of our lives. Life can be hard.A popular prayer says this life is a ‘valley of tears’ so no wonder we can get angry-more on basic needs later, when our basic needs are breached we also get angry deep down by the way, no matter how much we’re smiling and being ‘kind’ on the surface!

You only need to read the newspapers and statistics on murder or domestic violence to be reminded how rampant aggressive anger is in our society these days by the way but what about the hidden anger?

There are many, many forms of hidden anger that many people don’t realise are anger’s first cousins and which we engage in every day, just look at the list above. When droplets of anger accumulate they mount up into a river of inner stress and sometimes when it gets to be an ocean then problems occur and we get very sick with pain, often severe pain, if we don’t deal with it wisely.

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