Healing Back Pain-Lower Back Pain Cause (12)

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Cures for back pain that may surprise you are discussed on this blog. Just read on to find out more…

Common cures for back pain often revolve around curing poor posture, curing spinal misalignements, avoiding any strains, heavy lifting or heavy weights.

Cures for back pain also involve avoiding things such as sport, wearing high heels, walking for too long and also in buying things.

New products such as light boxes for light therapy, tens units, infrared saunas, a new mattress and inversion tables can also be bought.

Then there are the Doctors appointments, the chiropractors and the physiotherapists too. These aren’t cheap and the list goes on and on…

Not only is it a painful business having back pain but finding cures for back pain is expensive too.

BUT what if I was to tell you that there are cures for back pain that are dirt cheap and a lot of the time free!

These back pain cures revolve around restoring oxygen to the muscles and nerves in the spine that have become oxygen deprived( through excessive inner stress and tension!)

MOST tissues, nerves and cells need oxygen to function well, to regenerate and to heal themselves. Oxygen is needed for most metabolic processes in the body, to regulate, secrete and to reproduce, oxygen is our fuel, without it we suffer, we are in pain and and worse.

Oxygen Deprivation-Ischemia

Ischemia is the medical term for oxygen deprivation and it occurs when the oxygen to cells and tissues is decreased in the blood stream.

This can result in in painful lower back pain spasms and nerve pain symptoms commonly felt as sciatica pain.

The various symptoms of this occurence include:

  • muscle spasms,
  • pins and needles
  • feelings of numbness in the nerves
  • a loss of reflexes
  • extreme fatigue

Toxic Build Up

As well as this if blood flow is restricted to the spine the cells won’t be able to get rid of their metabolic waste products such as lactic acid. A build up of lactic acid in muscles causes the painful stitch when we are running.

As nerves are sensitive creatures, it’s their job to be sensitive, nerves tend to be affected first by even slight oxygen deprivation in the blood supply.

This is why pins and needles or tingling down the arms or legs can come on so quickly if you rest on a leg or arm too much and restrict it’s circulation.

Back pain cures that work both instantly and in the long term which revolve around these important concepts are available.

There’s the

short term, instant, alternative pain relief methods

and the

long term back pain cure program

Yes, back pain cures focusing on common oxygen deprivation back pain are available, they’re effective and self healing techniques too so you can stop the pain and stop spending at the same time!

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