Back Nerve Pain (Part 8)

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Back nerve pain can feel stinging hot and even be nauseating. It certainly makes us sit up and take note of the pain…

Whilst most people believe their back nerve pain and also the muscles spasms in the back may be caused by sprains, falls, lifting heavy objects, sleeping the wrong way, having a poor posture, there is one cause that’s  often overlooked or that is mostly unknown.

This cause is known as ischemia or more commonly oxygen deprivation to the nerve, muscles or both in the spine.

When oxygen deprivation to these cells and tissues reaches a decrease of just 4-5%  back nerve pain and muscle spasms plus and pins and needles and numbness can be triggered.

Back Nerve Pain and the Symptoms of Oxygen Deprivation Pain

These include:

  • muscle spasms like a stitch
  • tendon pain which feels stabbing in the side of the back
  • pins and needles down the leg
  • numbness in the leg or foot
  • loss of reflexes in the leg

The good news about this common cause of back nerve pain is that it doesn’t take too long to restore full oxygen flow once again to the spine!

This involves re training the brain to stop the oxygen deprivation in the first place and in order to do that the triggers that started it off in the first place need to be healed.

Try not to be alarmed about this fact about back nerve pain which is very common, as a 4-5% oxygen deprivation decrease doesn’t mean lasting damage to the cells or nerves and oxygen supply can be resumed in milli seconds via the autonomic nervous system and the blood supply.

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