Treatment for lower back pain and treatment for sciatica that works long term isn’t nearly as difficult to find as it may at first seem…

When I was desperate for treatment for sciatica pain that worked for me I accepted the first diagnosis I was given i.e. it was a pinched nerve on my sciatic nerve and that a ruptured disc was causing it.

This, the medics told me was to blame for my chronic leg pain.

However in the long run, accepting this diagnosis without questioning it was very costly for me both financially and emotionally as it resulted in surgery which didn’t fix my problems but in fact made them worse and added to my already large amount of inner stress and tension.

In a bid to fix my chronic leg pain and find the treatment for sciatica pain I was looking for I also opted for chiropractic manipulation and then physiotherapy at the hosptial.

BUT…nothing worked to take my pain away! I was in pain and frustrated.

If only I had seen whole picture. Instead I let myself be rushed into a quick fix cure without looking at deeper issues that were really causing my pain syndrome to flare up big time!

To see if you need to dig deeper ask yourself  the following questions;

    • Do you suffer from chronic back or sciatica pain and have you done so for a while?
    • Do you or have you suffered from a great deal of stress or tension recently?
    • Have you suffered a major bereavement or had serious family or work issues?
    • Are you a perfectionist?
    • Are you a conscientious, ‘driven’ person?
    • Are you self-critical and blame yourself when things go wrong?
    • Do you try, at the expense of your own needs, to be a good, giving person?
    • Do you worry about what others think of you?
    • Do you feel unworthy or inferior at times?

If you said ‘yes’ to two or more of these questions then, yes,  you have a tendency to develop pain which is related to oxygen deprivation inner tension related pain. If this is the case for you and it is for the great majority of those seeking treatment for lower back pain and sciatica pain then the knowledge on this blog is essential for your recovery!

Martin Luther King once said that America wouldn’t stop racism unless it could ‘see’ the racism at work in their society.

This inner tension pain syndrome can’t be stopped until you first ‘see’ it and recognise it at work in your own body and in your life.

Lower back pain relief is possible once you can accept the real cause, that a significant trauma, crisis or bereavement has triggered it off in you in a more severe way.

In the next post, I’ll be taking a side step look at smoking and back pain which increases the likelihood of problems developing in the first place.

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