Sciatic nerve pain relief that works long term can be found!

The end of misery-go-round may already be in sight!

Yes, sciatic nerve pain relief  that works and that doesn’t cost the earth can be yours. Just sit back, relax and read on to find out more about this cure at home method…

To find out if this cure is for you, ask yourself the following questions;

1. Has no other treatment or method been able to ‘fix’ your pain?

2. Does your pain change in severity and length during the day or night?

3. Are you obsessed with looking after your back or sciatic nerve and preventing further injury?

4. Are you living in fear of further pain or of re injuring your back. Is your life full of self imposed restrictions?

5. Does your chronic pain change location in your body, from a headache or a migraine to back pain and then exhaustion?

6. Do you also feel pain in your knees, shoulders, wrists as well as in your lower back and legs?

If your answer was yes for two or more of these questions, the chances are that you’re suffering from a very common chronic pain syndrome condition. There’s no need to be alarmed by it. Tension Myositis Syndrome affects thousands of people globally each year (and some of them if they don’t know what’s wrong with them for years). However it’s a syndrome that isn’t that well known in the medical profession.

I believe this is for two reasons. The theory can be quite complicated and hard to grasp at first (I really struggled with it until the penny dropped and I have a Masters degree) and also, there’s NO money in it! Yes little money can be made from treating it as it’s really a self healing cure for most people (unless you have deeper issues and problems).

Basically, the cure is self healing and it would put thousands of pain businesses out of business if it really caught on!

We are talking here about a pain syndrome which uses the autonomic nervous system to reduce oxygen supply to muscles, nerves or tendons in the body (mainly the lower and upper back) and this oxygen deprivation in turn causes severe spasms, terrible pain and a tingling or feeling of deadness in the legs via the sciatic nerve.

What’s the treatment plan therefore for this painful condition?

A large part of the treatment plan is to understand what’s really happening with the pain. This helps the sufferer to feel calmer and more in control and healing can begin to take place on a deeper level. 

A three pronged approach is the most effective…

1) Receive the tension myositis syndrome diagnosis, if it applies to you-see medical disclaimers.

2) Understand just why you’re in so much pain because of how the syndrome works in your body and how it ‘hides’ itself

3) Complete ‘cure’ exercises to reduce the triggers for your pain.

I remember when I first came across this pain theory I dismissed it. I was convinced I would be healed by something or someone and it was only when all my options ran out I turned back to it!

Medicine couldn’t cure me, not even a back operation could cure me. Nothing worked and I was desperate. I hope you’re not in the position I was, you have my sympathy if you are.

The tension myositis pain theory for sciatic nerve pain relief and lower left back was the only one that worked for me in the end!

My back exercises and postural re alignment aids didn’t help. In the end, I decided to heal myself through the TMS cure program and I’m so glad I did!

I’m just one of thousands who’ve benefited from the cure program designed by Dr John Sarno and which inspired me to search for various ways to understand my pain syndrome on a deeper level and cure myself of it.

It was a daunting prospect at first and that’s why I decided to write it down for other pain sufferers.

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