Sciatic Pain Strikes again! (Part 14)

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Lower left back pain and sciatic pain for me, were both signs and symptoms that something was ‘wrong’ that needed to be dealt with…

Pain is a sign from the body, sent as an alarm or alert bell to the mind that something is wrong.  Emotions alert us to emotional upset and pain alerts us to a process in the body which isn’t working at a 100% optimal level.

In many cases lower left back pain and sciatic pain is coming from a physical process of oxygen deprivation to the nerves, muscles or also to the tendons in the spine.

As the emotions don’t disappear until they are listened too, pain doesn’t go away until we learn to stop and ‘listen’  to the internal alarm bells or at least become aware of them.

I was in the supermarket last week when lower left back pain and sciatic pain hit me forcibly again after the progress I had made in pain relief, for me it was a sudden and unwelcome knockback.

Yes, as I reached for something  I literally ‘felt’ something ‘go’ in my back. At the same time the sciatic pain that had been such a constant companion in my life returned.

My first thought was; “oh no, what have I done?” but moments later I realised that my mind wanted me to start panicking over the pain and start obsessing over my back and how I was going to ‘fix’ it.

I knew differently this time though because I had taught myself awareness skills. This knowledge for me, was power where my chronic pain syndrome was concerned and it gave me the strength to stay calm and overide the pain strategy at work in my back!

So I didn’t panic over my renewed lower left back pain and sciatic pain instead I recognised the brain’s pain distraction strategy for what it was.

How did I do this?

I recalled that small rivulets of hidden, buried inner tension can accumulate if left undealt with and can cause an overload of inner stress or tension in the unconscious mind. We may feel ‘stressed’ but at the end of the day this stress is deeper and longer lasting than our daily ups and downs.

I also told myself calmly that the lower left back pain and sciatic pain was just a muscle spasm brought on by oxygen deprivation in my back.

I treated it like I had a stitch in my side. I knew it would pass soon enough if I didn’t panic.

So, I ‘hobbled’ around the supermarket unable to stand up straight as my muscles were in a tight spasm and I limped home. It was  an unpleasant trip down memory lane with my lower left back pain resurfacing but I felt calm.

The pain cure had been fixed in my mind through all my research and efforts and so I didn’t let the pain control me as it had done in the past.

This recurrence of lower left back pain and sciatic pain had shown me that:

(1) I had recently been under a lot of stress and tension and I had been largely ignoring the fact and not dealing with it using my new awareness skills,

(2) I understood that for me, my spine was an internal thermometer for my stress levels which I often wasn’t aware of

(3) That I needn’t be afraid of future pain as I understood how it worked and had control over it (through the knowledge that comes from knowing about tension myositis syndrome.

In the next post I’ll be discussing just WHY the brain induces oxygen deprivation pain.

The answer to this question is the key to obtain a cure that works long term!

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