Severe Lower Back Pain (Part 4)

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FEEDOM from bad lower back pain seemed a long way off as Christmas approached for me the year I had my failed back surgery…

pain in lower left backYes, as Christmas drew near pain was my constant companion. I was also upset with the neurosurgeon in charge of my back after meeting with him just before Christmas.

It was a freezing cold, miserable December day and I had to wait an hour and a half for the Consultant as he was running late. The hospital felt miserable with a sad looking Christmas tree with cheap tinsel flung on carelessly. I was sitting in the middle of a packed waiting room full of people with sticks, crutches and in wheelchairs trying not to feel sorry for myself and failing abysmally.

‘I’m far too young for all of this, I’ve always had a good back,’ I silently ruminated on my fate, I was only in my thirties and all the while my pain was stabbing  me in the back every few seconds it was really bad.

Everyone else in the room looked beyond miserable too, Christmas cheer was lacking and I looked down blankly wondering what would become of me and my future as the back surgery in the previous September of that year hadn’t fixed the problem it had made it worse!

That September when I’d undergone back surgery, I’d woken up in total agony and the pain hadn’t alleviated since it was bad lower back pain of the worst kind, no painkillers not even morphine could alleviate it!

So the very last thing I thought I’d be doing was sitting in the waiting room in agony on morphine a few months later. However despite this crushing disappointment, I was still desperate for a medical ‘fix’ for my back problems and couldn’t see outside the box as far as lower back pain treatments were concerned.

Now each second of sitting on the waiting room chair even with the cushion was bringing tears to my eyes and yet I was on a very high dose of morphine both liquid and tablets! Nothing was making sense as I prayed the Consultant would hurry up!I tried to convince myself that other people in the room were in similar agonies but there faces just looked indifferent. I needed chocolate and yet there was no machine in sight.

Could I feel more miserable? Actually yes, because the long awaited for (emergency) appointment was a disappointment which left me in tears.

When I finally saw the Consultant he was a bit stressed, who could blame him. I suddenly felt embarrased to be there as if my back pain  didn’t ‘count’ because my surgery had been ‘successful’ he told me. Some comments included;

  • More surgery would be too risky
  • I don’t think you are in enough pain for further surgery
  • Have some steroid injections into your back joints instead it must now be a facet problem
  • You shouldn’t be in so much pain by now after your operation
  • Why are you on morphine?
  • Why can’t you sit without a cushion?

So, my lower back pain treatment and treatment for sciatica had been a SUCCESS it was more or less implied that the ‘rest’ of the pain was in my head! I went home and cried. That was it. I had reached a medical cul de sac and all I had been offered was steroid injections into my facet joints.

Never one to give up though, I allowed myself to mope for a day and then I got on with my research. I was going to crack this thing and get on with my life. And, 24 hours later I had a breakthrough in my research and I discovered the  Tension Myositis Syndrome theory of John Sarno.

I didn’t want to believe this theory applied to me at first but desperation makes you humble and open to new ideas and so it was the right time for me to find it. It took me a few months to understand the theory and other inspirational mindbody concepts at first.

It took me longer to accept it could apply to me! But the pieces of my chronic pain jigsaw were fitting together as I studied it.

No longer did I think that doctors alone would give me the lower back pain treatment and treatment for sciatica I needed.

No, I set out to discover the root causes of my pain and not just treat the symptoms such as the nerve pain and numbness and muscle spasms.

Seven months later in 2009 I met with another neurosurgeon who told me my back wasn’t in great shape at all and that I had been misled to think it was fine from the MRI scan. But by then it didn’t matter because I knew what was really going on in my back despite the evidence on the MRI scan.

I am pain free.

I still have spinal disc herniatons, curvature of the spine, facet joint problems and disc degeneration apparently but I’m not in pain.  I discovered the real root cause of my pain and healed that instead!

I was told to prepare to be in pain for the rest of my life and that the feeling in my leg might never return due to nerve damage. My left leg is perfectly fine today thank God all reflexes are back!

I knew that I shouldn’t be depressed by spinal ‘death sentences’.

Infrared therapy, red light therapy and also gravity inversion treatments that can help ease pain short term too and stimulate the circulation so you can concentrate on the long term cure!)

In the next post I will be discussing back pain and its cousin back pain insomnia

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