Quit smoking help can come in all shapes and forms. The quit smoking help in this post is aimed at all back pain and sciatica sufferers…

Everyone knows that the effects of smoking cigarettes are, so to speak, deadly, yet for many people this isn’t enough to take away their addiction, it wasn’t for me even.

I was a smoker for 20 years about 20 cigarettes a day and the best quit smoking help I ever received was this…


Yes, in an indirect way the pain was responsible for me giving up the dreaded habit.

Smoking stories help other smokers in the same situation and my smoking story began at a very young age and ended with severe lower back pain and sciatica!

Cigarettes clog the blood up with impurities such as carbon dioxide and poisons as well as formaldehyde. If you’re suffering from oxygen deprivation back or sciatica pain then smoking will only make things worse and delay or prohibit long term healing.

The more you smoke, the more carbon dioxide is in the blood and this stops oxygen becoming available to the muscles and nerves in the back which aggravates painful muscle spasms and aggravates pain in the sciatic nerve.

Lack of oxygen also makes spinal discs degenerate and dehydrate, discs need water to stay padded and cushioned. Most smokers live in a  permanently dehydrated state and hence their spinal discs ‘lose out’ and cannot function optimally, spinal bulges and ruptures occur in smokers spines through wear and tear and losing the density of spinal discs means a loss of loss of flexibility even if it doesn’t lead to pain.

Quit smoking help came for me when I went for a carbon monoxide breath test to register the amount of carbon monoxide in my blood.

I had just had a ‘sneaky’ cigarette before the test and the carbon monoxide levels were equivalent to someone standing behind an exhaust pipe of a car and breathing it in deeply.

I decided then and there that my desire to be free from back pain was greater than my desire to smoke!

And, in a way getting this quit smoking help when I did and going for weekly breath tests to make sure I was still on track could have saved my life down the line.

Smoking is a recipe for back pain, it’s as simple as that.

In a 2007 University of Michigan study, it was found that smokers were 2.7 times more likely to have lower back pain than non smokers. Other studies confirm similar findings and cite smoking as a ‘significant’ and a causal factor.

However, there is good news. Within 48 hours of quitting nicotine the nerve endings in the spine will start to grow back!

The best ways to quit

For me at the start of my quest  I used Allen Carr’s Easy way approach. This is a  foolproof method that really opens your eyes to the truth about smoking, the book alone reading it once should do the trick.

Warning-if you give up on this method don’t every have just one cigarette or it won’t work and you’ll be hooked again in no time.

If you are part of the tiny percentage who fail on the Easy way method then use the nicotine spray. This delivers a powerful shot of nicotine via your nose. This gives you control it’s more tactile and comforting than the patches.

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