Lower back pain

Back pain solutions and sciatic pain relief often only comes when we understand what is really going on with our spines and when we have the CORRECT diagnosis. To lay the foundation for this correct diagnosis it is wise to take a look at the structure of our spines which are a feat of engineering in

The free ebook is coming soon The techniques coming in this free ebook will be so useful for you and for all pain sufferers both from a pain perspective and also in handling and letting go of unpleasant emotions.    

Chronic Lower Back Pain In Children?(Part 20)

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In this post I’d like to take a little aside and consider the future our countries, that is, the children in regard to back pain or the possibility of back pain in their futures. Not only is back pain and sciatica of epidemic proportion in adults but it's also growing in children. There is one

Chronic Pain (Part 23)

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Chronic pain support advice and information is literally flooding the market these days. Some are cheap as chips others cost an arm and a leg but do they actually work and are they effective long term?

Sciatic Pain Relief (Part 24)

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Seven Powerful Pain Relief Methods-Ebook ol of your pain rather than letting it control you? Ebook coming soon

Low Back Pain Treatment (25g)

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So, if you have low back pain, your symptoms may include: muscle spasms and knots nerve contractions tendon pain loss of flexibility pins and needles in the leg severe cramps loss of reflex in the leg But did you know that you can waste a lot of time and money looking for low back pain […]

Tension Myositis Syndrome, (part 25m)

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Tension Myositis Syndrome refers to a painful chronic pain condition that affects thousands of people (often unknown to them). Could it be affecting you too? The word ‘tension’ refers to an inner and very often buried tension which is unfelt and locked into the unconscious part of the mi

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