sciatica treatment

Treatment for lower back pain and treatment for sciatica that works long term isn’t nearly as difficult to find as it may at first seem… When I was desperate for treatment for sciatica pain that worked for me I accepted the first diagnosis I was given i.e. it was a pinched nerve on my sc

Back Pain Therapy (part 18b)

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Finding back pain therapy and sciatica therapy that works or gives some temporary measure of relief is a must for back pain sufferers. I remember how desperate I felt to find a quick fix to ease the pain of the day and how I dreamt of finding the cure I so badly needed to get my life back! I spen

Chronic Lower Back Pain In Children?(Part 20)

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In this post I’d like to take a little aside and consider the future our countries, that is, the children in regard to back pain or the possibility of back pain in their futures. Not only is back pain and sciatica of epidemic proportion in adults but it's also growing in children. There is one

Lower back pain and leg pain, my story continued… Lower back pain and leg pain seemed to be the story of my life in January 2009 as I went into hospital for steroid injections into my facet joints. My facet joints, I had been told were now the cause of my lower back pain (as […]

Chronic Pain Treatment (25a)

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Finding lower back pain remedies that work can be like looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! In this first of a two part article, I’ll be discussing lower back pain remedies and treatments that work as info for sufferers. When pain strikes a common coping mechanism that kicks

Lower Left Remedies for Back Pain (25f)

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“Knowledge is power” and, in this blog, I have aimed to give you the knowledge to help with your chronic back pain if you are suffering from the very common,but almost unknown Tension Myositis Syndrome. PAIN is one of the greatest motivators for change and back pain and its cousin, sciat

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