Tension Myositis Syndrome, (part 25m)

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Tension Myositis Syndrome refers to a painful chronic pain condition that affects thousands of people (often unknown to them). Could it be affecting you too?

The word ‘tension’ refers to an inner and very often buried tension which is unfelt and locked into the unconscious part of the mind.

‘Myositis’ refers to muscle pain (nerves and tendons are also affected in this pain syndrome) and ‘syndrome’ means that this chronic pain disorder can ‘manifest’ itself in many areas in the body (and also in the mind as depression and anxiety).

The tension myositis pain disorder often strikes in the lower back or the sciatic nerve causing severe pain. Any pain in the back or the legs will distract a sufferer no end and this is part of the sydrome’s ‘plan’.

In our societies, we no longer have the time or the inclination to become emotionally aware of our negative emotions such as grief or apathy so we push them down and try to enjoy ourselves. But pushing these emotions down has a price to pay down the line and they come back to bite you later on in the form of chronic pain syndromes…

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