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Back Pain Remedies, Back Surgery, Is It Worth It?(Part 13)

Back pain surgery is fast becoming one of the first back pain solutions to be considered in the case of severe pain. There is a huge amount of information and promotional material available about back surgery, you just need to google it, from procedures, costs, after care details etc. But are the operations effective long term?

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Sciatic Pain Strikes again! (Part 14)

Sharp back pain and sciatic back pain are signs, symptoms that all is not well in the person. They are often sent to alert us just as emotions are messengers that are meant to tells us information and until we listen to them, or at least become aware of them they won't go away.

Slipped Disc Symptoms (Part 15)

Slipped disc symptoms include amongst other things… severe, sharp or shooting pain in the leg muscle pain and aches in...

Back Pain Solutions-The Structure of the Spine (Part 16)

Back pain solutions and sciatic pain relief often only comes when we understand what is really going on with our spines and when we have the CORRECT diagnosis. To lay the foundation for this correct diagnosis it is wise to take a look at the structure of our spines which are a feat of engineering in themselves. The main structure of the back is the spinal column. This supports the upper body’s weight and protects the spinal cord which carries the nerve transmissions from the autonomic nervous system and which controls all our movements.

Sciatica Remedies, Investigated (Part 17)

Sciatica Remedies, Investigated (Part 17)

In a nutshell one or more of these discs is said to have ‘lost’ their fluid or toothpaste like 'gel' content and has cracked, ruptured, been torn, or is ‘bulging’ out. The discs are the shock absorbers of the spine and, we are told, if the spine loses these pain occurs.

Back Pain Solutions-Free Ebook For Pain Relief (Part 18a)

Back Pain Solutions-Free Ebook For Pain Relief (Part 18a)

The free ebook is coming soon The techniques coming in this free ebook will be so useful for you and...

Back Pain Therapy (part 18b)

Back Pain Therapy (part 18b)

Finding back pain therapy and sciatica therapy that works or gives some temporary measure of relief is a must for back pain sufferers. I remember how desperate I felt to find a quick fix to ease the pain of the day and how I dreamt of finding the cure I so badly needed to get my life back! I spent literally hours researching the best way forward and I beleive that the back pain therapy and sciatica therapy techniques advocated on this site 'hone' into specific ways to decrease the pain and stop it occuring in the future.

Chronic Leg Pain and Severe Back Pain, Part 19

In this post I’ll be discussing chronic leg pain and severe back pain and how it’s normally diagnosed… When chronic...

Chronic Lower Back Pain In Children?(Part 20)

In this post I’d like to take a little aside and consider the future our countries, that is, the children in regard to back pain or the possibility of back pain in their futures. Not only is back pain and sciatica of epidemic proportion in adults but it's also growing in children. There is one main contributory factor in all of this and I can vouch for this being a school teacher myself, that very often children’s school bags are simply overloaded with school books and supplies eg games kits, cookery equipment, text books. I am not one to 'molly coddle' children however compared to when I was at School they do tend to carry around a lot more. This constant carrying around of excess baggage each day (we are talking secondary education not primary) can cause muscle fatigue and spasms in young backs, let alone thinking of their emotional well being and the effect this may have on their backs in the future.

Back Pain Solutions (Part 22)

Back Pain Solutions (Part 22)

Chronic pain treatment focuses often on the body as you would expect but… the inspirational John Sarno, M.D. back pain...

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