How To Cure A Yeast Infection Naturally

If you’re suffering from the following symptoms:

muscle pain in the back
tiredness and fatigue
joint pain in the knees or spine
digestive problems
chronic constipation
various urinary disorders
mood swings
acne, rosacea
eczema on the skin
sugar cravings
brain fog
menstrual pain
pre menstrual tension,

then the chances are that you’re suffering from a yeast infection in your body and you’re in need of a yeast infection cure. 

In fact, many people, because of our diets and stress have some form of yeast overgrowth in their systems. In our societies which consume a lot of sugar in their diets (yeast breeds in acidic conditions and sugar and stress make the body very acidic) up to 90% of the population have a yeast infection problem.

Many people, especially women are unaware that their symptoms herald an infection which is easy to cure naturally.

“Yeast grows in acidic conditions and in fact yeast makes the acidic conditions in the body even worse because yeast makes its own by-products which are toxic to humans. These waste products interfere with and disrupt the body’s cellular metabolic functions. It also interferes with the delivery of oxygen to cells and this isn’t good news if you’re suffering from lower back pain spasms and sciatic nerve pain.”

When I was in severe pain in my lower back, I spent a lot of time researching the body’s  acid/alkaline balance and came across this common yeast over growth problem.

A yeast overgrowth problem can really exacerbate lower back pain and sciatica because it’s linked to oxygen deprivation pain. The more yeast we have in our systems, the less oxygen circulates in our bodies.

For optimal health the body and spine need an alkaline environment but yeast creates and exacerbates acidic conditions in the body. We need to find a natural yeast infection cure that will eradicate the unwelcome yeast parasite as soon as possible and without using chemicals which often make the situation worse! The book on the right does just this, it helps to cure yeast infections naturally.  It’s well worth checking out to eradicate the symptoms which make you feel dreadful each day and increasing your health overall so that you can recover from your lower back pain in the quickest time possible!