The Beat Chronic Pain Now! Ebook Series!

The knowledge in these 2 volumes of ebooks could seriously change your life…for the better!

I believe the BEST gift any pain sufferer can give another is information so they can gain freedom from their pain!

If you’ve:

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  • tried endless lower back pain treatments and
  • you’re not getting the pain relief you need or
  • you’ve been worried about the side effects of taking so many painkillers or
  • you’ve felt frustrated that chronic pain is destroying the quality of your life.

then just ask yourself ONE question:-

Has medicine healed you of your chronic pain condition?

I began to doubt that the medical profession could ‘fix’ my chronic pain after spending a year looking for medical solutions.

The focus was on symptoms and often forgets to look for the root cause of pain. This root cause needs to be discovered and dealt with before the symptoms such as lower back pain or sciatic nerve pain will disappear. It’s like treating the runny nose and ignoring the virus causing flu!

However, lower back pain help is at hand!

The “Beat Chronic Pain Now!” Cure Series gives lower back pain sufferers the root cause of most lower back pain AND how to cure the cause and stop the pain being triggered in the future.

In Volume One-you’ll discover:

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  • the common causes of most chronic pain
  • be given a detailed explanation of the tension myositis pain theory
  • discover why your lower back pain may be so bad right now
  • the role of the brain in your pain syndrome and
  • why the brain triggers pain
  • also, what specific emotions cause the most pain and how to heal those emotions!

For some sufferers just reading the knowledge in Volume One is enough to stop the lower back pain syndrome in its tracks!

In Volume Two-you’ll discover:

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  • top tips for success with the cure program
  • exclusive cure program processes which include written exercises to get in touch with buried emotions
  • unique core questioning technique exercise
  • find out the signs to know when you know you’ve been cured or when are well on your way to a cure.

Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to lower back pain. Knowledge is power over your lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain so get your knowledge today and get back the quality of YOUR life!

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