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Do Inversion Tables Work?

If you’re looking for more information about inversion tables then you’re in the right place, just read on to find out more…

Are Inversion Tables Effective For Pain?

Inversion tables work on pain by restoring and stimulating blood flow so if you have back pain it eases pain in the spine.

To ‘invert’ means to literally ‘turn upside down’ or to ‘reverse the order of something’. Your body being inverted decreases pressure on the spine.
Such a simple practice sounds rather drastic but it can have a powerful effect on the spine and also on energy levels. Studies have shown that a great majority of daily aches and pains and, in particular, lower back pain is caused by (inner tension). Inversion therapy, increases, improves and stimulates blood circulation in the spine bringing a whole host of health benefits to back pain sufferers. How Does Inversion Work? Inversion tables work through using the natural force of gravity to ‘comfortably’ take pressure off the spine and spinal discs through turning the sufferer upside down (or tilting them at an angle). Spinal discs even when we’re lying down normally, are under gravitational pressure. Spinal discs are often dehydrated (some medications can exacerbate this) and in need of rest and stimulation to get the circulation flowing around them at an optimal level. Inversion tables do this in a scientific and controlled way because most modern inversion tables have a range of settings to suit each type of person or pain. JUST some of the many many health benefits of using inversion tables are listed below:

Inversion Table-Benefits

1) Increased Blood Circulation

When a person is ‘inverted’ or tilted, even to a small degree, gravity acts on the blood circulation in the opposite manner and a change in blood circulation quickly occurs! It’s a bit like changing a one way system on the roads, it has a big impact! Stimulating the blood flow brings a renewal of oxygen to the spine relieving painful lower back pain muscle spasms and sciatic nerve pain.

2) Chronic Fatigue Improvements

Often chronic fatigue symptoms of ‘brain fog’ and exhaustion can go hand in hand with severe lower back pain or sciatica. The improvement of oxygen flow in the body and brain helps to energise a sufferer helping them to feel refreshed for the day ahead.

Studies have shown that increasing the circulation to the brain also helps to lift mood and chase away depression.

Chronic fatigue can often be caused by a lack of oxygen reaching the brain (often through deeper root causes-see my chronic pain story) so inversion table use can be a quick and effective chronic fatigue remedy (though it may be short term if deeper issues aren’t dealt with). Studies have shown that spending even 10-15 minutes a day inverted at an angle can help increase mental alertness and memory.

3) Do Inversion Tables Work For Stress Relief?

Yes, they do! An inversion therapy and spinal traction study by LJ Nosse found that muscle tension reduced by over 35% within ten SECONDS of inverting the body, even at a slight angle!

Other studies have confirmed the stress relieving and muscle relaxing benefits of using inversion tables.

Imagine a 100% natural, non chemical pain relief method that can drain stress away! Studies have shown that at just a 45% angle for 15-20 minutes a day, the body rejuvenates itself and increases energy and mental alertness. After work this will set you up for the evening ahead, getting rid of that post work ‘washed out’ feeling… (Please note-Anyone who has doubts about their fitness for inversion tables needs to consult a medically qualified physician e.g. if you have weight problems, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, serious eye conditions or bone diseases).

Inversion Table Article (Cont’d)

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