Best Inversion Table Article

Did you know that through using inversion tables even to a mild degree of incline such as 15 degrees you can bring great benefits to your mind and body?

Benefits include improved blood flow, with more oxygen lessening severe muscles spasms and sciatic nerve pain.

Also, decreased stress, more energy and mental alertness plus improved memory over time are just some of the other benefits associated with using inversion tables.

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Obviously, the best inversion table will ultimately be the inversion table that suits your own needs, space and budget.

There are currently a huge range of inversion tables to suit all types and budgets. There are portable inversion tables,  sports inversion tables, gravity inversion tables and even inversion cushions for those with limited storage options (~and limited budgets).

You’ll find some great examples below:

Inversion Tables-Sports Inversion

Sports inversion tables are tailor made for those into sports and ‘on the run’ who want to use inversion before or after a workout. Those suffering with lower back pain or sciatic nerve pain can also use these machines to great advantage as the inversion mechanics are the same-it’s just these tables are more lightweight.

(Please note-Anyone who has doubts about their fitness to use inversion tables needs to consult a medically qualified physician first e.g. if you have serious weight problems, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, serious eye conditions or bone diseases of any kind plus other medically contraindicated diseases)

Overall using inversion brings the following benefits to you:

  • Blood flow to your spinal muscles and nerves will be improved
  • Vertebral ligaments and muscles in the spine will be strengthened by the traction pressure of the body
  • Elongation and gentle stretching of the spine will lessen pressure on your spinal vertebrae
  • Lower back pain muscle spasms or nerve pain will be relieved by improved blood circulation & oxygen flow
  • Build up of waste substances in muscles and tissues will be decreased as the lymph system will improve
  • Posture of the body will improve generally with improved alignment of joints and internal organs
  • Body can relax more and de stress
  • The mood will be enhanced and depression blow away
  • Mental alertness and memory will be improved
  • The heart (doesn’t have to pump uphill as much) will have a rest also
  • Overall energy levels will be rejuvenated.