What happens when the Doctors tell you that ‘you’ll just have to learn to live with your pain?’

That’s where I was in 2009 after nearly 2 years of treatments, surgeries on my back, and still my chronic pain was affecting the quality of my life.

I began an online diary at this point, when I realised that medical treatment wasn’t helping me (please see medical disclaimer though) and that something else was needed. Something radical, a Dr John Sarno cure type of radical approach to free myself of chronic and very severe lower back pain and sciatica pain shooting down my left leg.

Below, you’ll find the link to my Diary at that time, if these articles help just one person, feel better, see the light, recover, then I’ve done my job. Good luck, here is my recovery story below, in chronological order. Alternatively on the home page, the blog post articles run in sequence too. 

    1. Part one lower back pain and muscle spasms in the back
    2. Part two lower left back pain and sciatic nerve pain relief
    3. Part three back pain remedies, sciatica remedies
    4. Part four back pain remedies
    5. Part five-insomnia remedy for back pain sufferers
    6. Part six-back pain solutions and treatment for sciatica
    7. Part seven-pinched nerve in the lower back
    8. Part eight- back nerve pain
    9. Part nine-treatment for sciatica pain and treatment for lower back pain
    10. Part ten-quit smoking help for back pain sufferers
    11. Part eleven-relief from back pain
    12. Part twelvecures for back pain
    13. Part thirteen-back pain remedies
    14. Part fourteen-lower left back pain
    15. Part fifteen-slipped disc symptoms
    16. Part sixteen-back pain solutions
    17. Part seventeen-sciatica remedies
    18. Part eighteen a-back pain solutions and sciatic nerve pain relief
    19. Part eighteen b-back pain therapy
    20. Part nineteen-chronic leg pain and severe back pain
    21. Part twenty-lower back pain in children
    22. Part twenty one-lower back pain treatment and nerve pain treatment
    23. Part twenty two-chronic pain treatment
    24. Part twenty three-chronic leg pain and chronic pain treatment
    25. Part twenty four-how to relieve back pain, free ebook
    26. Part twenty five-back pain solutions
    27. Part twenty five (a) lower back pain remedies I
    28. Part twenty five (b) lower back pain remedies II
    29. Part twenty five (c) infrared light therapy
    30. Part twenty five (d) tension myositis syndrome
    31. Part twenty five (e) natural back pain relief
    32. Part twenty five (f) “Beat Chronic Pain Now” ebook series
    33. Part twenty five (g) Back pain relief products
    34. Part twenty five (h) Happy Christmas to readers blog post
    35. Part twenty five (i) relieve lower back pain
    36. Part twenty five (j) Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment
    37. Part twenty five (k) Managing emotions
    38. Part twenty five (l) Sciatica home treatment and low back pain treatment
    39. Part twenty five (m) Tension Myositis Syndrome
    40. Part twenty five (n) lower back pain therapy
    41. Part twenty five (o) alternative pain relief
      Part twenty five (p) treatment for sciatica
    42. Part twenty five (q) pain in lower left back
    43. Part twenty five (r) best mattress for back pain 
    44. Part twenty five (s) left back pain treatments 
    45. Part twenty five (t) left back pain cause