Back Pain Remedies and Sciatica Remedies (Part 3)

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Finding a back pain remedy and a sciatica remedy that work can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack at times… pain in lower left back

However, I’ve always believed that good can come from all that happens to us, even if we have to wait to see it.

This blog is part of the good that has come out of my own story that took me over two years to recover from.

Pain is something most people have to deal with at some point in their lives, pain in the lower back is something that can debilitate a person however and it’s important to find a natural back pain remedy as soon as possible.

I have written this blog to help others find, investigate and I hope use the Tension Myositis based cure program. With this in mind, I wrote the “Beat Chronic Pain Now!” series. 

This consists of two volumes. The first explains the WHY and the HOW of back and severe sciatica pain in the majority of sufferers (please see medical disclaimer though).

The second  lower back pain and the second volume gives the exercises you need to break free!

 On my own journey to find a back pain remedy that worked I endured the misery of  ‘failed’ back surgery, steroid injections, physiotherapy which made me cry afterwards in pain, expensive chiropractic adjustments from three different sources, Bowen adjustments and postural exercises.

I found that infrared light therapy (which helps to relax the spinal muscles and give them relief and restore health)was helpful on a short term basis  (see information articles on LED Light Therapy).

If  you’re suffering from debilitating pain right now you can feel alone, frightened and worried about the future and your family’s future. I did.

However, people with lower back pain often worry far too much and stress themselves, this is because they have certain personality traits which are often the root cause of their pain.

My back pain remedy that finally worked after so many countless treatments was the insightful yet simple pain theory of Dr John Sarno called tension myositis theory.

I think big businesses ignore this cure because there’s basically no money in it or very little but for me I believe it’s crucial to get this information out there!

So, this blog which gets nearly 6000 visitors a month can be a port of call in the cure desert. An oasis of sense and sensibility!

I find that readers have spent months even years on the medical misery go round and they still haven’t found the pain relief the back pain remedies and sciatica remedies they’re looking for! 

This blog seeks to redress this balance!

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