Healing Emotions(25k)

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In this post I’ll be discussing managing and healing emotions through learning emotional awareness skills… 

The tension myositis syndrome theory highlights the cure element of being able to manage the emotions. In fact managing and healing the emotions are at the root of finding a long term chronic pain cure.

If you can picture the emotions as ‘nerves’ in the body then they are no more than messengers. As long as we listen to these messages no matter if they’re good or bad messages, the emotions, by themselves just dissolve away as energy.

If we don’t take time to listen to or deal with our emotions though (and this often starts in childhood through learnt behaviour patterns) we accumulate them especially the negative ones like anger or grief and we shove them down into our unfeeling unconscious minds that we’re not aware of .

This emotional overload in the unfelt unconscious mind will grow as we get older or more ‘bad’ things happen to us that we don’t deal with. After a time, a chronic pain syndrome will be triggered when the emotions get too much and threaten to come out.

In life, most of us repress our painful or negative emotions.

But we don’t realise that when we do this we are literally just sweeping them under the emotional carpet of our unconscious minds. In the vast unconscious mind these emotions fester and turn toxic. They ‘pervert’ our actions and behaviour and we end up damaging ourselves and others with behaviour we can’t understand or stop such as self destructive behaviours and addictions.

To help, the brain often steps in a self protection ‘pain’ mechanism to take the focus off the emotional pain and place it onto the physical pain in the body (or extreme tiredness) or both!

The brain does this through using oxygen deprivation by restricting blood flow to areas in the body (where there’s often a weakness) or that are subject to a lot of wear and tear.

Fortunately, learning new skills in managing our emotions is possible and it’s one of the keys to being cured of chronic pain long term if you’re suffering from tension myositis syndrome.

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