Sciatica Remedies, Investigated (Part 17)

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Sciatica remedies for such symptoms as shooting pain in the lower back and down the leg are available all over the net but do they work?

Sciatica nerve pain is said to occur when the gel like content of spinal discs bulges or ‘tears’ out of their sac. These contents are then said to ‘squeeze’ (like in a tube of toothpaste) into the surrounding spinal chord.

The large sciatic nerve passes down into the legs through the spinal chord and this is said to be impinged so that sciatica remedies such as surgery are necessary to remove the disc tear.

These often tiny bulges or tears in the spinal discs are medically blamed for causing back pain and sciatica symptoms. These symptoms can range from:

  • shooting and stabbing pain in the back
  • numbness
  • pins and needles in the leg
  • loss of reflexes in the leg
  • loss of flexibility and range of motion in the back and leg

As spinal discs are the ‘shock absorbers’ of the spine if they lose their cushioning then sciatica remedies will be needed at some point as a consequence.  Or so we are told!

BUT I’d like to ask why, after having lived with two disc bulges and one large disc herniation for years without any pain in my back or down my legs didn’t the bulges or discs cause me pain.It only flared up when I was under an enormous stress.

Also, why after having disc back surgery to remove a tear was I was in even more agony.

Also why, now that I know what was really causing my pain and have dealt with it, do my two plus disc bulges not give me any pain?

My brother also has two disc bulges and his back doesn’t hurt either, only when he gets stressed he says, it’s like an internal stress thermometer!

In fact disc bulges are ‘normal’ . As  we age our spines wear out a bit, they are the work horses of the body after all along with our hearts so they fray a bit around the edges. No radiographer expects to see a perfect back in those over thirty I was told at a hospital once.

If that’s the case are the sciatica remedies being used any good? Also where is the pain coming from?

Well, common explanations justifying sciatica remedies such as chiropractor manipulation and surgery are as follows for sciatica pain;

  • degeneration and dessication of vertebrae in the spine
  • the narrowing of the spinal canal through bone growths or ‘spurs’
  • curvature of the spine putting pressure on the sciatic nerve
  • injury, trauma, diseases, cysts, viruses, irritation, inflammation
  • genetic diseases and inherited spinal problems

There are over 200 pathologies used by modern medicine to justify needing sciatica remedies which often don’t come cheap!

You never get told though about other sciatica remedies, the cheap, self healing ones!

Thankfully I dug and dug and used a cure program outlined by Dr John Sarno. 

The knowledge I gained from my cure also got rid of my huge anxiety of injuring my back in the future and of further pain! Such sciatica remedies in my opinion are really worth their weight in gold!

I feel it’s high time that such powerful and cheap sciatica remedies were highlighted more on the web that’s why I started this blog!

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