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Back pain solutions and sciatic pain relief seemed far from me as the hospital consultant told me in July 2009 that I might suffer with severe back pain for the rest of my life. I felt like crying. However after a couple of days I decided that I was going to beat this 'thing' myself and stop relying

Back pain solutions and sciatic pain relief often only comes when we understand what is really going on with our spines and when we have the CORRECT diagnosis. To lay the foundation for this correct diagnosis it is wise to take a look at the structure of our spines which are a feat of engineering in

All you need to do now is CLICK HERE for your FREE BACK PAIN SOLUTIONS EBOOK-no opt in required! This FREE Ebook will teach you a proven and effective strategy for lower back pain relief in an instant. Taking a look inside- here’s a quote from Rose, the Chronic Pain Advisor; “The techniq

Back Pain Solutions (Part 22)

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Chronic pain treatment focuses often on the body as you would expect but… the inspirational John Sarno, M.D. back pain expert, has gone so far as to say that the majority of chronic pain occurences have their real root cause in emotional factors! This is NOT to say of course that they are psyc

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