Back Pain Solutions (Part 22)

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Chronic pain treatment focuses often on the body as you would expect but…

the inspirational John Sarno, M.D. back pain expert, has gone so far as to say that the majority of chronic pain occurences have their real root cause in emotional factors!

This is NOT to say of course that they are psychosomatic in any way, they are not. The physical cause of a chronic pain syndrome is most commonly related to physcial oxygen deprivation pain to the nerves, muscles and tissues in the body, in the case of this blog in the lower back area of the spine.

However Dr John Sarno states that if you dig deeper, the real root cause of pain is triggered by hidden and unfelt emotions buried in the unconscious mind which have accumulated over time and become overloaded and toxic.

This is the only chronic pain treatment that will work long term for the majority of sufferers!

Therefore, unless these emotions are dealt with long term healing will be blocked.

For me, after having completed so much research on mind body medicine and writing down my own cure journey in this blog I feel that many sufferers still don’t know about this pain theory and therefore the self healing and quite simple cure forumula to escape from their chronic pain prison and to discover and use the chronic pain treatment they deserve.

This is a crying shame because the misery go round of pain CAN be stopped for many pain sufferers.

In a nutshell, if you’re just treating the symptoms of chronic pain such as the pain or the depression and ignore the real root causes (short term treatments for pain such as LED light therapy, infra red heat and inversion therapy can bring some relief short term) then real, long term pain freedom will elude you.

Chronic pain treatment is available, a treatment that works long term!

Now’s the time to find out and to spread the message to other sufferers around the globe!

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