sciatic pain

Back Nerve Pain (Part 8)

Lower back pain causes-sciatica causes=oxygen deprivation pain. To understand lower back pain causes and sciatica causes (in cases of tension myositis syndrome) a summary of the structure of the brain is needed. People often believe that their lower back pain

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Sciatic Pain Strikes again! (Part 14)

Sharp back pain and sciatic back pain are signs, symptoms that all is not well in the person. They are often sent to alert us just as emotions are messengers that are meant to tells us information and until we listen to them, or at least become aware of them

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Sciatic Pain & Back Spasms(25e)

Back spasms relief is possible if you know how and where to look… Natural remedies are becoming more popular as people seek home remedies that don’t cost the earth and don’t feel them with chemicals and painkillers… On this blog I have

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