Sciatic Pain & Back Spasms(25e)

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Back spasms relief is possible if you know how and where to look…

Natural remedies are becoming more popular as people seek home remedies that don’t cost the earth and don’t feel them with chemicals and painkillers…

On this blog I have focused on all natural pain relief methods, onces that work both in the short term and in the long term too. The main method I advocate and that I used myself for long term healing relates the inspiration tension myositisi syndrome chronic pain theory of Dr John Sarno.

This pain theory is not like so many others, it has substance and practical leads to a self healing and long lasting cure if you understand the concepts correctly and know what exercises to use!

This natural back pain relief method is also cheap as chips and the peace of mind it gives is also priceless.

This 100% natural chronic pain relief method has been written down in great but simple to follow detail in the “Beat Chronic Pain Now!“series. Volume One of the series details what the pain syndrome is, how it’s triggered in the body and why your pain is so bad right now.

Volume Two concentrates primarily on the core exercises, practical, step by step guides for pain relief freedom, the same steps I used to rid myself of chronic pain! It also contains a unique written exercise to get you in touch with any unfelt, deep and hidden pain so that this can be healed without needing expensive psycho therapy (although please see disclaimers on this Site for all information given in the blog posts).

Here’s an extract from the “Beat Chronic Pain Now!” Volume One, introduction:

“People of all ages, from all walks of life, the young, the middle aged and the old all have one thing in common, they are literally being struck down with chronic pain.It’s fast becoming a global epidemic and my heart goes out to all sufferers.

Remember though, even if you’ve been in pain for one, two, ten or even twenty years it CAN be cured for most people and quite simply too! The duration of your pain has no bearing on how long this cure will take for you although the severity of the pain may mean more issues need to be dealt with. As long as you understand certain principles and ideas and put the cure techniques to work for you, you will find pain relief and ease the fears in your mind over future chronic pain occurences…”

For more information on this great series to obtain a long lasting, 100% natural and self healing chronic pain cure today for good!

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